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A new addition to QWAN

Now you’ll be able to see and hear it.

As I hinted at in my 2020 year-end summary article, I have now launched a video/audio version of my weekly writings. Please find the first video here on my new YouTube channel titled after my name, Martyn Foster.

It is still a bit of work in progress, but the aim is to have the videos uploaded on YouTube and Facebook by the following Wednesday after the post is originally published on my website the Friday before.

With these new videos, I’m attempting to reach a wider audience. There is a significant amount of people who prefer to consume their material visually and audibly as opposed to reading it. Basically, I have not tapped into the market of people who watch or listen, only read. That is, until now.

At the moment these new videos will be a screen recording of me scrolling through my post matched together with a narration done by yours truly, but I’m not yet set on the style and delivery.

I do have plans to give this new treatment to some of my posts in the back catalogue, posts that either performed well or their content is more general applicable and universal than tied to something specifically around the time it was written.

This post, however, will not be video recorded and narrated as I will cover the same information in my introduction video on my YouTube channel.

I have also started writing on medium. Currently, I am using it to re-post my writing from here on another platform, but I do intend on writing some original works only on there in the future.

Feedback is very much welcomed with this new creative avenue and thank you in advance.

I hope you like the new addition to the QWAN family and I appreciate the growing support and interest I have as we continue into 2021.

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