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April Fool's Gold

Laughter is the elixir we need right now.

Today is April Fool’s Day – tell us something we don’t know, Martyn – a day in which some of the most hilarious pranks have been pulled along with some of the least self-aware and unoriginal people known to man.

With a lot of things that have gotten us down in the recent past (and still), I would like you to join me in just having a laugh this April Fool’s Friday. That’s right, no big discussion this week (with even bigger words), just some good ol’ jokin’ around. Sharing in the act of laughter and comedy is an essential component of our sanity (and survival) and thankfully there are enough comedians and humour to go around for everybody.

Who are some of your go-to people for comic relief? Or a clip or movie that you find yourself returning to? Please share them with me (and with everybody else, more importantly!)

So, here are some clips from some of my favourite funny men. Enjoy!

Chris Tucker

Bernie Mac

Chris Rock

Eddie Murphy

Dave Chappelle

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