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Engaging with life

We are creatures of comfort, seeking safety and security, but is this antithetical to living fully?


From the risk averse

To the routinised

We crave the certain to the subverse

The planned to the surprise

Bringing order to chaos

Frustration and guilt like Coleridge’s Albatross


Creatures of comfort, most certainly

Yet when do you feel most alive?

With fear yearns security

Yet on the edge, humans strive

From our homes technology made ease

All of life’s essentials, we never have to leave


Safety and sedation thirsting

Just why do we hanker?

Trying to control your life is draining

Like a cock to a wanker

Fearful of our own shadows

Will lead us to an appointment with the gallows


Engaging with life

We must meet it head on

Through sunny days and cloudy strife

Do not fire until fired upon

Life-affirming, energised and charmed

Like a weapon not to be disarmed


To engage is to be conscious

The capturing of one’s attention

What if it turns out to be nonsense?

Those feelings of apprehension

Hesitation, trepidation desire sedation

Interest, curiosity demand occupation


The highest of trees

The deepest of roots

The brightest of leaves

The dirtiest of boots

What we need is the fullness of the view

Those who want to live that life, small queue


What is your soul asking of you?

An expression of the world

A true one, far too few

Into the future we are hurled

Regrets are a story untold

The uncertainty of what ifs, tenfold


To engage or disengage

Both have their appeal

Like a monkey in a cage

It’s living, but under what ordeal?

Participating or denying

The human spirit will always be defying

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