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In the Christmas spirit

It’s not just the time of miracles, but of giving thanks.

I don’t know about you, but this year seems to have flown by. Well, it kind of hasn’t but has, in a strange sense. As we mark off the second year of the Covid era, which continues to be a trying time for many of us, no doubt, I still feel it’s important, perhaps essential, to show thanks, be grateful and look towards the good that has happened this year as we head into (a hopefully more peaceful) 2022.

No, I’m not about to spruik some long (and perhaps insincere) list of “thank yous” like some Oscar winner because that is not in the QWAN style. As usual, I make you ponder, I make you think. So, ask yourself, “who deserves your thanks this year?”, and perhaps show/tell them.

I know, it’s difficult in times of struggle and adversity to say to yourself, “I am grateful”, or to find the good in the situation, but I hope this is where the Christmas spirit, some festive cheer, can help to ameliorate the suffering a number of us are enduring.

As we approach the celebration of the birth of the eternal redeemer (no, not the Brazilian striker Gabriel Jesus, but another man bearing a similar name), I feel it is a pertinent time to reflect back on the year that was; what went right, what went wrong, and to seek a salvation of sorts by redeeming ourselves in the following year – as we continually strive towards the good. Plus, I don’t feel one needs to be religious to understand the sentiments here, though I’m sure it carries extra weight if one is.

In order to recognise the good that has been and be grateful for what is, one doesn’t and shouldn’t deny the bad. Unlike YouTube, I want to show the dislikes.

A lot of people mistake that to be thankful or show gratitude or look towards the good, that one has to be in denial of the bad and the ugly. However, like the classic Clint Eastwood film, we need “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”, to form a complete view and to give a depth to our emotion, empathy and understanding.

It’s more a case of being thankful “because of” the knowledge of how bad things can be. We are grateful “in spite of” our own suffering and that of others.

As a token of my gratitude, I took my mum out for dinner last night, somewhere she hadn’t been before. A spur of the moment thing, as I know how much my mum loves both spontaneity and novelty – it nearly backfired as they were fully booked, but managed to squeeze us in, confirming the universe was on my side. It was a small gesture, but sometimes that is all it takes to show someone your love and appreciation for them and to make them feel like their efforts are worth it.

As we peak into 2022, I can only extend you my wish for a peaceful transition into the new year and that your festive period be full of grace and love and charity. I hope people’s faith in humanity can (continue to) be restored from what has been a tumultuous period. At this point, I would like to also extend a huge thank you to my family for the continued love and support of me and my endeavours, I truly wouldn’t be able to do it without them.

I’d like to this opportunity to thank you all, my readers (viewers of my associated YouTube channel) for your ongoing consumption and feedback of my material across all platforms. Without you, I’m just a madman despairing into the abyss over my irrelevance haha.

This is my last post for the year, I will be taking a break – as should you, I hope – and I will return with “my word for 2022” on January 14th.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year,


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4 comentários

A simple jester of thankyou coming from within , is genuine and heart felt.

Loved the Clint quote x❤

Martyn Foster
Martyn Foster
18 de dez. de 2021
Respondendo a

I feel thankful...punk! haha


And very special I felt too at dinner Martyn and your words of appreciation were truly beautiful. ❤️ We all love you very much and are proud of what you have achieved with writing thus far, let alone all the other things you have done in your life to date. The simple "Thank you" message is so very important, especially nowadays.

Love Mum, Dad and James XXX 🎄

Martyn Foster
Martyn Foster
17 de dez. de 2021
Respondendo a

You're going to make me tear up, mum 😂😭 Indeed, it's amazing how far a genuine thank you can go. Love you three with all of me haha xo ❤️

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