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Take 5 – Restomods

Making the old new again, except better.

The terms “Restomod” has become modern parlance in the car world and signifies a classic vehicle that has been restored and modified (hence, resto-mod) utilising updated technology. So while it remains in its original beauty, the aesthetics of the body and lines of the car are the same, but when you peel back the skin you notice the difference.

So, let’s get into these tribute bands which rock as hard, if not harder, than their originals.

Singer Vehicle Design

This California-based company takes pleasure in “reimagining” Porsche 911s, utilising the 964 series of 911 as the building blocks to be “Restored, Reimagined, Reborn”, as per their mission statement. These cars are truly works of art, but you’ll need a cool half million USD just to get in the door. The Dynamic and Lightweight Study (DLS) variant was developed alongside Williams, helping to produce 500hp from the naturally aspirated and air-cooled 4.0L flat-six which is quintessentially Porsche-style. Though these are rumoured to be worth nearly an eye watering two million USD. Quality art does not come cheap and these cars by Singer are definitely on the “lotto life” list!


"I yearn to have it" - Jeremy Clarkson. Image credit: unknown.

Eagle are based in Great Britain and offer restored and original E-Type Jaguars as well as some of their own special editions, namely the Speedster, Low Drag GT, Spyder GT and the new Lightweight GT. The people behind Eagle believe that the process of buying your E-Type should be a pleasure and an experience to remember, with each car taking Over 4,000 hours of dedication shine through. When Jeremy Clarkson road tested the Eagle Speedster back in 2011, he proclaimed it as the most beautiful car he’d even seen (maybe even the most beautiful thing), but such beauty came with a half million pound price tag. The new Lightweight GT is rumoured to be around £800,000, once again illustrating the cost of bespoke craftsmanship and how us peasants can only dream of such things.


Name a more iconic duo. Image courtesy of BBC TopGear.

For arguably one of best pure driving experiences, look no further than UK-based Alfaholic’s creation, the GTA-R 290. Producing 240hp from the 2.3L 4cyl engine may not seem like a lot, but team it in a car weighing only 830kg with supreme engineering and you have yourself what comes as close to driving nirvana as humanly possible. Now starting from £240,000, a comparative bargain to the Singer and Eagle, you too can also enjoy the sublime handling of the ultimate homage to the GT Junior from the 60’s. And its an Alfa, how much more beauty do you want?

Jensen International Automotive

If you’re looking for something a bit more cool and muscly, may I suggest the Jensen International Automotive (JIA) Interceptor. Based on the actual Jensen Interceptor from the late 60’s/early 70’s, JIA does a ground-up build using the base car, enhancing the performance and reliability with modern technology while retaining the feel and style of the British icon. Utilising GM’s LS3 6.2L V8 really does bring out the muscle car within. You can watch the recent Harry’s Garage road test of their latest variant, the £350,000 FF-R, below.

And, its the perfect car if you want to start your own TV Detective show:

Automobili Amos Delta Integrale Futurista

With a name like that you know it must be from Italy. Done as a love letter to the original Lancia Delta Integrale of legendary rally status, the Futurista will set you back a cool €300,000, of which only 20 will be made. Weighing in at around 1250kg and producing approximately 330hp, creator and racecar driver Eugenio Amos wanted to build a car that was “pure, raw and essential” at its driving heart while having a personality unlike what a lot of modern cars have, he claims.

If those five haven’t quenched your thirst, why not check out Carfection’s video below on the stunt Aston Martin DB5 for the upcoming Bond Film “No Time to Die”, as it follows on from the theme of this post.

Now, how do I write that best seller…

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