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The premier Premier – In praise of Mark McGowan

The WA Labor leader has helped make our state one of the best places to be.

COVID-19 has thrown a decent curve ball to all facets of our way of life and it is usually at the point of a crisis we see the true quality of someone’s ability to lead. I believe that I echo the sentiments of many by saying that Premier Mark McGowan has delivered in spades in this regard.

Being a political leader during a crisis is usually a lose-lose situation, you are always wrong somehow in your handling of the situation and the opposition is usually sitting there trying to fire torpedos into the side of your ship. Thankfully, with a stint in the Royal Australian Navy, Mr McGowan is pretty adept at handling ships.

With great leadership comes the ability (and necessity) to make tough decisions and the confidence and competence to do so in effective and efficient manner.

The hard border closure has been one of the toughest decisions Mr McGowan has had to make and is one of the most important reasons how we’ve managed to suppress the spread of COVID-19 and save lives, but there is a big problem to maintaining the closure which is under threat due to legal proceedings by Clive Palmer.

The self-centred businessman believes the hard border is impinging upon the freedoms of those who wish to move freely and conduct business in WA and that it is not a reasonable approach to the coronavirus pandemic. I find it hard to believe that he is acting in anyone’s interest but his own and is not in some way acting childish in response to not being granted entry into this state. This is a man, after all, who last year threatened to sue a comedian for defamation for calling him names such as “dense Humpty Dumpty”, I’ll leave you to be the judge (video link).

I’ll take the man who genuinely cares about my well-being and that of everyone in WA over a selfish billionaire every day of the week. I’m just sad, though not surprised, that our Prime Minister doesn’t seem to see it the same way. The hard border has protected us, medically and economically, and allowed us the freedoms we currently enjoy.

We are the envy of every other state (and indeed other countries) and it is thanks to superior leadership shown by Premier McGowan and his team. Unity is another strong quality in great leadership and we see it on display here. In COVID-19 press conferences, Mr McGowan has been regularly flanked by his deputy, Health Minister Roger Cook and Police Commissioner, Chris Dawson. This is a public demonstration of both strength and unity which then, along with their competence to carry out their roles, gives the population confidence and reassurance that we’re capable of dealing with this crisis.

Please join me in thanking Premier Mark McGowan for continuing to be the leading light in the shadow of darkness, and fighting for the health and well-being of every West Australian resident, despite the costs and opposition.

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Martyn Foster
Martyn Foster
Aug 03, 2020

Exactly, it is a collective approach - community help and understanding with sound leadership from the top.


Unknown member
Jul 31, 2020

We are extremely fortunate to have such a Premier who can call the shots when needed. Mark McGowan has protected each and every west australian with his decisions in regards to Covid 19 and we should all be thankful for his strong leadership and all his team that support him and stand beside him. As a community we all need to keep vigilant and do our bit so our state stays safe and healthy. :-)

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