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This time will be the last time…

Though we rarely know or acknowledge it in the moment.

When we do something for the last time, the final time, for most people it is not like Kobe Bryant’s final NBA game. There isn’t this big fanfare with everyone celebrating and documenting the occasion for it to be immortalised in the history books. Normally, the moment is not even known to you or to anyone at the time, nor does anyone consciously recognise it as a possibility.

I can understand why, I mean, who really wants to think about if what they are doing is the last time they will ever do it?

Will this be the last time I stand on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence? Image courtesy of Martyn Foster.

It is usually a reflective exercise, you look back and go “there, that was the point…”, rather than acknowledging it in the present moment. I doubt a parent stops and thinks, “Gee, this might be the last time I pick up my child and put them to bed.” I doubt a traveller stops and thinks, “I’m never going to be back in Italy ever again.” It doesn’t even have to be the big or major experiences only, it can be those like taking a walk in a forest, swimming in the ocean or reading a particular book.

When I was riding around the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit back in 2014, I certainly wasn’t wondering “what if I never do this again?”, I was thinking damn this an amazing track, what an otherworldly experience and when can I do this again! As I explored in my article last year, “My love-hate relationship with cricket”, in what may have turned out to be my last game (as I have not played since), I didn’t put on the pads and helmet and go out to the middle to bat reminiscing and then realising I’d never do this again.

Me, completely oblivious that it might be my last time riding around Phillip Island. Image courtesy of Martyn Foster.

You can even imagine the last time with negative experiences and thinking this way can drastically change your experience…though I’m sure parents would welcome that last time they have to wake up in the middle of the night to tend to their child. However, you could look at it this way a) your child is alive and b) you’re still in a position to care for them.

We do everything a finite number of times and we can sometimes take beautiful and positive experiences for granted. Most of the time we’re just trying to get through stuff, but I implore you to take in more of what you are doing.

We have no assurance how many days, weeks, months or years we have left.

Everything represents a finite opportunity to savour your life. I wish for you to think how that on some level everything is precious – from getting married to going shopping. I would encourage you to pay more attention and connect more with the experiences in your life; the good, the bad and the ugly.

Attention is your true source of wealth even more than time because you can waste time being distracted.

This might be the last time you read or view this piece of writing. I hope this isn’t the last time you’ll read or view one of my posts, but it may be…think about that.

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