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WEIRD Societies

Everybody’s out for themselves.

As if society isn't already weird enough, WEIRD societies are those characterised by being Western, Educated, Industrialised, Rich and Democratic.

Living in America, UK or Australia; we’re some of the WEIRDest people on the planet.

We also live in the most individualised societies in the world where priority number one is to live your life to your fullest potential in a manner you see fit and to hell if anyone disagrees with you.

But, is the “everybody’s out for themselves” attitude eroding our sense of community and belonging?

May I present to you, “WEIRD Societies”, a poem by Martyn Foster.

What a time to be alive

Everyone’s a winner baby, that’s no lie

Individuals take no pity, when it’s all a

Rat race like New York City

Don’t look down, only to the sun

You don’t need to see who you’ve trodden on

Weird has but not one shape and size

Education for the masses, religious or otherwise

Individuals will never be the same

Realise we need sorting

Demonstrate your competence

You’ll see “life is not a game”

What is the West?

East it is not

Industrialised and



Yeah, maybe we’re not.

We pretend to care

Except we don’t, we just stare

In reality we isolate, we hang out to dry

Ranting and raving, we despair and we cry

Do our needs really come first?

Yes, but not until others have quenched their thirst

Why democracy? What is the goal?

Equality in law and fairness for all

I have my doubts, some want to not allow

Ruled by a mob, ruled by a crowd

Democratic man has to compromise his individuality

You have to, for the benefit of all society

We’re at a crossroads

Every human being has an optimal mode

Is this a way of life we still value?

Ready for revolution are you?

Democracy is dead!

You yell instead

WEIRD is all I got, WEIRD is all I know

Energy, food, inflation – a crisis come sand or snow

I like being WEIRD, but it’s not without its flaws

Resting on our laurels, problems can no longer be ignored

Don’t leave a fallen man behind, no rest until the work is done

You look that demon in the eye and say “you don’t know me, son!”

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