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Why you will always be wrong…

…somewhere…somehow…to someone.

Yet we continue to fight for love. Have I created this entire post just to make a “Commando” reference that only a select few will get? Wrong. No chance.

Sometimes I feel that poetry is a better medium than essays for conveying the message and sentiments of ideas that I have, so, here’s another poem I have written for you to read…wouldn’t that be nice?

You will always be wrong

is there no reason to elaborate?

Hostility, a perpetual promise

Barbarians are always at the gate

Vicious incivility

From the chamber of echoes

Intolerable tolerance

The bus to utopia goes

No margin for error

No chance for an exception

What would Arthur say,

To a Red Dead with no Redemption

Why are people so fixated,

On telling others how wrong they are?

Mother held them too much or not enough,

Childhood has definitely left a scar

We voice our opinion freely

In the West, a fundamental tenet

Objections, opposition, alternatives

Or just to let off some steam, Bennett

I may not write the songs

That make the whole world sing

But I right the wrongs of myself

And loved ones…those special things

The hostile,

The vile bile that rile

Leave them be

They’ll pay a price, even when they’re senile

They say it is the hurt who attack

Pointing to a failing in nurture

Comfort the wounded and appeal to,

The better angels of our nature

What are you aiming at?

To win or for peace?

Be careful what you wish for

Or your marriage might cease

Either way

You’re going to pay a price

For everything you do and don’t do

I just hope the price is right

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