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A poem by Martyn Foster.


Is it the most real thing in existence?

The unpleasant sensations

Striking at the core of our being

Causing much discomfort and ache


A short while feels like an eternity


The ability to drive the sane person mad

To spiral a person into the depths

Sailing through the storms

As the waves of contempt

For existence itself keep coming

Yearning for death’s embrace


The inability to help someone you love

To watch the struggle unfold

Before your eyes, unable

Hands tied behind your back

Even though they are within reach

Feeling the pain twice over

To not be with someone you want

To be left alone outside in the cold

And yet on the inside even colder

To not be wanted or cared for

Shall I stay here or shall I go

“The cure for the pain is in the pain”


A poem by Martyn Foster.

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