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Haiku – A lot can be said in such few words

Poetry and poignance rolled into one.

The conciseness yet profundity of a Haiku – a Japanese style poem that usually consists of three lines in a 5-7-5 syllable pattern containing a kireji (cutting word) and a kigo (seasonal reference) – was on full display when a completed the samurai inspired game, “Ghost of Tsushima” (and yes it was more than I hoped it to be).

This looks like a good spot for a Haiku. Screenshot by Martyn Foster.

Throughout the in-game world of the island of Tsushima there were contemplative areas, signified by mats and candles, where you could compose your own Haikus from a few selections while reflecting upon certain topics such as loss, strength and rebirth.

For this week’s post, I thought I’d share some of my favourites that I created that can be insightful and maybe even inspirational in your own life as we conclude 2020 and move into (a more hopeful and optimistic) 2021.


Ocean out of reach

An unknown world teems with life

Once a grander sight

The island of Tsushima has been rocked by the Mongol invaders. Screenshot by Martyn Foster.


Unknown horizons

Peer through the mist and we’ll be

Shattered, but alive

Jin Sakai, down but certainly not out, must lead a new defence against the enemy. Screenshot by Martyn Foster.


A fortress of strength

A journey’s path never known

Viewing the future

Secure a future for the people of Tsushima, honourably or dishonourably. Screenshot by Martyn Foster.


Clear skies and clear mind

Swaying freely in the wind

Beckoned by warmth

How's the serenity? Screenshot by Martyn Foster.


Watching over all

Deep breaths released to the wind

A new beginning

A moment made more blissful thanks to Jin Sakai's "shakuhachi" (bamboo flute). Screenshot by Martyn Foster.


Calm waters, calm mind

Darkness fades in brilliant light

Sturdy do we stand

As it turned out, the first Haiku was my favourite one. Screenshot by Martyn Foster.


Endure together

A heart refusing to fail

Overcome the odds

A hero brings hope to the people, overcoming such adversity. Screenshot by Martyn Foster.

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