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If I was King for just one day…would I give it all away?

Altruism, self-serving, and how much is enough?

Not just the lyrics of a Thompson Twins song, but an interesting question given the pressure to (re)distribute wealth, amongst other things, for the greater good of the population. It’s easy to say someone should give it all away, but if you were in their shoes would you find it so easy? Is altruism really a thing or is it all really just covert self-serving? Do you truly give without the expectation of anything or are you in denial of being motivated by your own selfish needs and wants?

If I was King for just one day

Would I give it all away?

How much dough does one need?

Surely enough for you and me

But perhaps for 30,000 steeds!

A show of vanity, of greed.

A lust for power

A lust for control

Fighting injustice

In the name of ourselves

The tyrannical man,

is as much,

At war with himself,

And does not trust.

It’s such a lovely idea

For all to flourish

But we can go from utopia

To dystopia rather quickish

Sharing equally all-around

Will run society into the ground.

Concentrated in the few

The horde will come for the hoarders

Best give some away

maybe a knighthood is in order?

For the generous and benevolent,

Even the selfish and malcontent.

We are here for such a short time

Self-preservation is innate

But how to provide for others

With barbarians at the gate

Opportunists are lurking,

The wolves in sheep’s clothing

To rob you of your honest labour,

And leave you nothing for the showing.


Be prepared to have it squandered

Casting pearls before swine

Only until after, is it pondered

Still, help your fellow man

Have the courage and fortitude

It may be less effective and efficient

But with love and not empty platitudes.

Once bitten, twice shy

To you Sir I say goodbye

Time is precious

Moreso than money

But it eats away at you

Like Winnie the Pooh to honey.

I give the tools to think

But many throw down the sink

They prefer endless distractions

And still can’t get no satisfaction

I take no pride in saying this

I’m certainly not taking the piss.

To help the many or the few

Appearances can be deceiving

Where do allegiances lie?

The truth can be quite revealing

The urge to save humanity or,

The urge to rule it?

Power over the world, or to serve it?

So, if I was King for just one day

Would I give it all away?

Would I do it for me or for you?

Would I give it freely or in lieu?

What can I contribute?

What is it that you want?

Ask and you shall receive,

The universe is your confidant.

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