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Misery begets misery

There’s no news like bad news.


Do you ever get the feeling

That no one is allowed to be happy

Human beings define their reality

Through suffering and misery

Where’s hope in the despair?

Through the looking-glass, Alice found there


Tumbling down a rabbit hole

No news like bad news

“Give the people what they want!”

Torture ensues  

Paid for eternal damnation

Bankers with vivid imaginations


Misery begets misery

It loves company

Going together like,

Punishment and gluttony

Venting with no action consumes

Like the stench in a crowded room


Be careful

Who you tell good news to

Because they might just

Take your joy from you

Like a blood sucking tick

These people will make you sick


Summertime, yet the livin’ isn’t easy

Sadness has us on lockdown,

Like a penitentiary

And yet the cash continues to flow

The melancholic money train

The pound sterling of sorrow


We have a violence fetish

As if we are disturbed

Perhaps we enjoy killing a little too much

Just what sort of wrath will we incur?

The desolation of the desert

A state of wretchedness can we avert?


Death, destruction, mayhem

Entrée for the 6 o’clock news

Divorce, DV, murder…

Palestine and the Jews

Housing, inflation, cost of living pain

Oh wait I forgot Russia-Ukraine!


We’re going through a miserable monsoon

In peak wet season

A sadness tsunami – no honeymoon

A mental health crisis, not without reason

May I stand unshaken

When happiness has been forsaken…

Arthur Morgan Red Dead Redemption 2 May I stand unshaken
May I stand unshaken - Image courtesy of Martyn Foster.

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