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Special post for a special person – Happy birthday to the greatest woman I know

And no, it is not the Queen.

Mum, Dad & I at MotoGP, Phillip Island, 2015. Photo by Martyn Foster.

It is my mother’s birthday today and I think that calls for a celebration. It is funny that this should fall on post #21, given that my mum’s spirit is still quite young and not a day over 21.

My mother is an incredible woman who has been my number one supporter and loved me unconditionally since day one.

My mother continues to love and care for people dearly in spite of the pain she suffers on a daily basis.

My mother constantly puts the needs of others ahead of her own.

My mother is a straightshooter who calls it as she sees it, and I love her honesty for that.

My mother has a sharp wit and great sense of humour, making her great fun to be around.

My mother is adorable, sweet and kind in the little things that she does.

My mother has shown me how to be resilient in the face of adversity.

My mother is the type of person to help you get back on your horse after you’ve fallen off.

My mother is very much her own person and I love her authenticity and integrity.

My mother has a very strong sense of family and is the backbone and heart of ours.

My mother has been the best person to attempt to understand my complex nature.

My mother takes the time to smell the roses and enjoy the small things in life.

My mother is a beautiful woman by who she is and what she does.

My mother is the greatest woman I know...and I love you deeply, forever and always.

Mum gives the thumbs up at World SBK, Phillip Island, 2014. Photo by Martyn Foster.

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Martyn Foster
Martyn Foster
Jul 20, 2020

It got the intended result ;) It was my pleasure writing this. See you for coffee tomorrow ;) xo


Unknown member
Jul 18, 2020

I can say I was truly emotional and surprised yesterday when I read this loving post from you Martyn but it made my birthday all the more special. I love you so very much as I do your brother James, unconditionally, forever and always. XX

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