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Remembering you’re still human…

…all too human…

Usually at this time, as I reach the final writing piece for the year, I try and emphasise a sense of accomplishment, togetherness and joy – which are generally considered characteristics of the festive season.

However, this time around, I thought I’d give a different sayonara to 2023.

Let’s start with the inherent flawed nature of human beings, because who doesn’t like having their deficiencies examined under a microscope for public consumption, right? The obvious state of our species surprisingly goes unacknowledged more often than you would think, probably because that’s where most people would like to leave the flaws – in the dark, away from prying eyes both internal and external.

“Acceptance of your flaws begins with awareness of them – many don’t wish to be aware, yet expect others to do the accepting for them.”

Generally, the two major factors in not dealing with one’s flaws are laziness and fear/anxiety. The idea that attempting to change one’s behaviour or thought process will take too much effort or make one feel bad about oneself is a common occurrence. I get it – it’s easier not to do it plus you don’t have negative feelings about yourself. Why don’t I just pretend it’s not there? Or it’s just someone else’s problem with me? That’s great! Denial, projection and externalising blame…there, now everyone’s happy!

It's not like I don’t understand that modern people are continually under attack for their flaws, perceived or actual (key point), but the answer is not ignorance or denial or doubling-down (nor is it accepting everyone’s judgement equally, if that needed to be said at all). I understand that a significant amount of people claim the “too hard basket” token with all this, continuing on and only until they’re met with serious resistance do they think about doing something – and even then probably deciding to just remove themselves from the situation or that person from their lives anyway.

I know I’m trying to cover a lot into a short space of writing with a number of the aforementioned points needing to be fleshed out in their entirety to be fully understood, but I feel my audience will understand this. Still, longer essay-style pieces may be on the way in 2024 – let me know if that is something you would like to see more of.

Shifting gears, logic and reason will only get us so far. Despite its stock plummeting, I value logic and reason, but even the intellectual in me knows not to deny the totality of being as well as forget the animal side of man. Love, our feelings, emotions, sensualities, are complex and sometimes suffer at the hands of the limitations of language to adequately describe.

“Sometimes the best thing is to allow ourselves to sit with a feeling and just feel it, even if we don’t fully understand it nor necessarily can articulate it.”

It’s been another taxing year for us all, some more than others, and it’s small wonder we’re so overwhelmed and exhausted. This general prevailing sense doesn’t look to ease anytime soon. More is expected of us than I believe most people can give. It’s imperative you check in with yourself or better yet, do so with a trusted individual. Remember, you’re still human. We may have varying capacities to combat the vicissitudes of life, but no one functions optimally when depleted.

We are not machines therefore we should not work incessantly and neglect ourselves. I’m not discouraging a good work ethic or those who wish to get ahead. I understand the necessity of (extended) work to afford to live given the weight of cost of living increases. However, people love to bury themselves in work to avoid themselves (or their partners) – people will also do a lot to avoid thinking, the worst offenders actually being proud of it. Be careful you don’t become a creator of your own demise.

“It’s always thought that self-preservation will kick in, but you’ll be amazed at what humans will do by ways of running themselves into the ground, self-destructive behaviour and other things against our own betterment.”

The motivation behind these types of behaviour need to be understood, and empathy given for those struggling with the demands of being human (not to mention modern society). I have big brain superseded by an even bigger heart – reason and logic in the service of love is the ideal. The intellect must watch for arrogance and coldness. The heart must watch for naïve trusting and thinking it’s all we need by itself.

Despite her flaws, I love humanity very much – albeit it’s getting exceedingly trying to do so. I wouldn’t do what I do if I didn’t love humanity. I wouldn’t keep busting my arse to help people through using my cognitive faculties, but perhaps it is my heart they need the most. For now, I must rest (forgive me, I’m only human) as the journey ahead is long and arduous.

So, I extend my head, heart and hand out to you, dear reader, to please…

Remember you’re still human…

…all too human…

See you in 2024. If you would like to bring me some festive cheer, please consider supporting me at one of the following links:

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We should all be a little kinder to ourselves at times and your article reminds us of the importance to do this. You are sincerely one of the best Human beings I know and love......BTW...I have no flaws.......hee hee :-) XXX

Martyn Foster
Martyn Foster

I would expect nothing less from you! Thank you tremendously for your ongoing support, of which without it, this would not be possible. Yours Sincerely, Martyn Foster 😂

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