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Liquorice allsorts

Life’s like a box of chocolates…

…it costs more now and there’s less in it than there was 30 years ago.

Thank you, good night!

No, I can’t leave it there. It would be a confectionary con!

I like speaking in metaphors and riddles, but thankfully this week I’m not going to St. Ives.

However, I am using it to describe my mind’s inability to focus on one particularly topic to write about and instead wanting to sample a lot of little amounts of varying things. This is not something unusual for me, normally I experience this every week, but for some reason I haven’t narrowed in on an area of interest. Ergo, I’m left with a thought packet of liquorice allsorts or a brain box of chocolates that I don’t know what I’m going to get. So, enjoy this hazy I.P.A. of what I've managed to conjure up!

Chess, the game kings

Magnus and Gary wear them rings

I feel like Bobby Fischer

Hilltop Hoods wearing that ‘Cosby Sweater’

Just what is a soul?

Sometimes it feels like an own goal

Learning is recollection

Though be aware of misanthropy and misology

A philosopher is training for death

Practices separating the soul from the body

Bring the rain

Bring the pain

It’s all the same

Russia vs Ukraine

But China vs America is the end game

Sugar and spice and all things nice

But we don’t pronounce it liquorice

Like Assange and estrange

Yet the two aren’t so removed

Ernie, Shaq, Kenny and Charles

The boys of NBA on TNT

Man, these guys have some fun

It’s 1-2-3 not 1, 2 back to 1

Haaland killing the competition

EPL, UCL it doesn’t matter

The Striking Viking is plundering

Defenders begin to scatter

Virtual photography

A new hobby of mine

The line between fantasy and reality

Is getting harder to tell with time

Are you not entertained?

Is that not why you are here?

Like a defeated gladiatorial opponent

My brain all over the place

Bathurst 1000 – full steam ahead

Like V8 Supercars through ‘The Chase’

My mind pointing at what it wants most.

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